Who we are

In 2020, Compliance.One (formerly CONFDNT GmbH) was founded by Christian Schmoll and David Klement.

Our idea and vision is to develop a simple solution for the topic of whistleblowing. We offer a complete package consisting of a smart software solution and everything else that is required in the company for an implementation with as little effort as possible.

CONFDNT is the fastest way to implement the requirements of the Whistleblower Directive. The implementation of the software is done in a few minutes, without any major IT project. Even the communication and formalities that accompany the introduction in the company are done quickly and without much effort with our samples and checklists and without additional resources from the legal and HR departments.

CONFDNT ensures comprehensive protection of the confidentiality of whistleblowers' identities and, through intuitive usability and accompanying communication, motivates employees to report misconduct in the company at an early stage, thus protecting the company from major damage and loss of reputation.

CONFDNT is "made in Germany", is hosted in Germany and meets the highest standards in data protection and information security.

CONFDNT: Confident Whistleblowing