How we
Whistleblower protect

The identity and protection of whistleblowers are particularly close to our hearts.

We believe that a whistleblowing system can contribute positively to corporate culture.

All this can only be achieved if we adequately protect the identity of tipsters or whistleblowers.
This includes not only technical measures, but also support for whistleblowers in providing information about misconduct.

In the help overview listed below you will find many tips to protect yourself. Although the protection of the tipster is explicitly given in the EU directive, there are still events where you want to give anonymous and discreet tips. In this case we are happy to support you.

Anonymous, Proxy or Transparent?
You decide, if you are sharing your identity or not. However, you can still access your case at any time.

Protect identity

stay on top of things
Of course, you can always see at what stage of processing the case is currently.


Legally secure
We store all data in encrypted form and in such a way that it cannot be easily changed. This is how we create legal certainty and transparency.


Whistleblower FAQ

Select either Anonymous or Proxy in the whistleblower form. If you choose Proxy, we will store the data you provide, such as your mail address. Only CONFDNT can see your mail address this way and we only use it to send you updates about your case. Under no circumstances will your employer or client learn your identity.

When submitting a case, please make sure that, if possible, no personal information such as phone numbers or exact details that can be traced back to you appear in the message body.
A whistleblower can be any person who has insider knowledge of certain information about a company that is related to or indicates that processes in the company violate applicable laws and wishes to disclose these violations for reasons of conscience.
This can be employees, applicants, journalists or suppliers.
All data is transported encrypted by CONFDNT (HTTPS) and stored encrypted in our database. Only the authorized persons in the company can view your case. Depending on which option you have selected when submitting, we store your data encrypted in our database.
In the best case, use your home computer or mobile phone to submit information. Although your data will never be stored at your employer's site, we recommend that you use a computer outside of your employer's network.
We use modern encryption technologies with at least 4096bit key length. All data is encrypted with this and stored separately per account.
Within one week, they must receive an acknowledgement of receipt of their notice. The company concerned then has 90 days to deal with your case and give you feedback.
Attention! You can only receive feedback if you remember the link at the end of the process or have provided your email address.